Welcome to the personal website of Professional Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Consultant, Chris Mentore.


I believe everyone on this planet is meant to find happiness. My philosophy on the key to finding happiness is having a balance in three categories:

Health  ∞  Wealth  ∞  Self-Awareness

When lacking in one category, the others suffer…

Without good Health, your relationships with people and more importantly with yourself, will be affected. This will also drastically affect your ability to generate any kind of wealth.

                           Without Wealth, your health and relationships will suffer.                      Marriages today have a 40-50% chance of ending in divorce. Due to constant stress & financial difficulties.

    Without Self-Awareness or good relationships, what is the point of having wealth?!         Not to mention, having poor health and not being able to experience life to its fullest!

I coach people on living a lifestyle that balances all three points, so they can live extraordinary lives. You deserve to be happy!

The only real question is:

“Why aren’t you living the life of your dreams?”

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